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Gallium nitride wafers AZZURRO’s proprietary and patented technology allows the growth of highest quality Gallium nitride wafers on Silicon substrates (GaN-on-Si) enabling applications requiring high-brightness LEDs and next generation power semiconductors:

  • 150 mm wafer diameter
  • Up to 8 µm crack-free GaN-on-Si (for 150 mm)
  • Strain-engineering to enable bow values
    of < 20 µm (for 8 µm GaN thickness and 150 mm)
  • Extremely good crystalline quality on the
    same level as when grown on sapphire

Offering 150 mm GaN-on-Si wafers since 2005 we have brought the technology to industrial manufacturing stage over the last two years and now are massively expanding our capacity with the move to our new manufacturing site in Dresden.