AZZURRO - Demonstration of “1 bin” wavelength GaN-on-Si LED wafer

26th August 2013, Washington D.C., USA - We are proud to have announced the first “1 bin” wavelength GaN-on-Si LED wafer during our talk at the ICNS-10 today. For our 150 mm wafers a wavelength uniformity of less than 3 nm is in production and now a breakthrough uniformity of 1.0 nm has been demonstrated.

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AZZURRO - New LED business unit and licensing strategy for LED industry is announced

31st July 2013, Dresden, Germany - We are happy to announce the foundation of our new LED business unit, called “AZZURRO LED Technologies”, dedicating more resources to migrate the LED industry to GaN-on-Si. The new business unit’s strategy is to license AZZURRO’s technology and IP to LED companies.

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AZZURRO - IWN 2012 Poster Download: 200 mm GaN-on-Si blue LED wafer with excellent emission homogeneity

22nd October 2012, Hokkaido, Japan - Our poster with breakthrough homogeneities for 200 mm GaN-on-Si LED wafers was presented at the IWN 2012 in Hokkaido, Japan from 15 to 19 October.

AZZURRO - Successful migration to GaN-on-Si at Epistar based on AZZURRO’s 150 mm technology

9th October 2012, Taipei, Taiwan - The companies today jointly confirmed achieving GaN-on-Si based LEDs utilizing Epistar’s high-brightness LED structures and AZZURRO’s patented technology for 150 mm GaN-on-Si.

The successful completion of the joined project confirmed the excellent performance that can be reached. In particular the two companies are very satisfied about the extremely short development time of only 16 weeks for transferring Epistar’s existing LED structures build on sapphire to the GaN-on-Si material system. This milestone takes GaN-on-Si one step further towards implementation in mass production.


AZZURRO offers easy migration to GaN-on-Si LEDs with 150 mm templates

12th September 2012, Dresden, Germany - The easy migration of LED manufacturing to GaN-on-Si is described in a White Paper released by AZZURRO today. Utilizing the company’s 150 mm templates the advantages of GaN-on-Si can be gained after very short design-in times.

The White Paper outlines technical hurdles to be overcome when migrating to GaN-on-Si, covers key achievements possible when using the right technology, details the advantages for the move to GaN-on-Si obtainable with templates and shows development solutions to the LED epitaxy engineer.


AZZURRO Is Granted 2.6 Million Euro for 200 mm GaN-on-Si Epiwafer Development

24th July 2012, Dresden, Germany - AZZURRO Semiconductors AG’s development of next generation gallium nitride on 200 mm silicon substrates is supported by the local government of Saxony. The minister for science and technology, Sabine von Schorlemer handed the official grant note to the company today. The project is financed with 2.6 million Euro from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Free State of Saxony.


AZZURRO Strengthens Customer Support in Taiwan by Assigning SUMITOMO as Exclusive Local Distribution Partner

20th March 2012, Dresden, Germany - AZZURRO Semiconductors, a pioneer and leader in GaN-on-Si technology announces SUMITOMO Taiwan as their sole distributor partner in Taiwan.


AZZURRO Advisory Board Extended with two Industry Experts

21th February 2012, Dresden, Germany  - AZZURRO Semiconductors, a pioneer and leader in GaN-on-Si technology has won two new members to its advisory board: the former CTO of Agilent Dr. Roland Haitz as well as former Siemens and Infineon top executive Dr. Karl Platzoeder.


AZZURRO Opens Regional Office Asia

1st August 2011, Dresden, Germany  - AZZURRO Semiconductors, a pioneer and leader in GaN-on-Si technology strengthens its customer support reach by establishing a Regional Office in Taipei, TAIWAN R.O.C. for its Asian customers.


AZZURRO Announces Hiring Start for Staffing their New Dresden Location

August 2011, Magdeburg, Germany - We have pioneered the growth of gallium nitride (GaN) on silicon substrates using metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy (MOVPE) and brought it into volume production. This enabled us to grow strongly and become a successful semiconductor company supplying our customers worldwide with wafers for LED and power semiconductor applications. The success is only possible through a team effort in which each individual works together to achieve our goals and at the same time has the freedom to bring in personal experiences, ideas and drive.


AZZURRO Completes Management Team to Drive the Company into the Next Growth Stage

6th July 2011, Magdeburg, Germany - AZZURRO Semiconductors, a pioneer and leader in GaN-on-Si technology has won three high profile industry veterans to complete its management team: long-term executive Andrew Bowd as VP Finance, Asian market maven Erwin Ysewijn as VP Sales & Marketing and former Siemens/Osram senior manager Dr. Stephan Lutgen as VP Technology.


AZZURRO Semiconductors Accelerates Growth with Global Investors

24th November 2010, Magdeburg, Germany - AZZURRO Semiconductors announced today the closing of a growth financing round providing production capacity to address significant market demand. The EUR 14.5 million investment round was provided by new investors Wellington Partners, Good Energies and Emerald Technology Ventures and was joined by existing investors Cedrus Private Equity and IBG Innovationsfonds (managed by GoodVent).


AZZURRO appoints Dr. Markus Sickmöller as VP Operations

14th May 2009, Magdeburg, Germany - AZZURRO Semiconductors, a pioneer and leader in GaN-on-Si technology announces that Dr. Markus Sickmöller has joined the company as Vice President Operations effective 22nd April 2009.


AZZURRO appoints Erwin Wolf as Chief Executive Officer

18th March 2009, Magdeburg, Germany - AZZURRO Semiconductors, a pioneer and leader in GaN-on-Si technology announces that Erwin Wolf has joined the Executive Board to become Chief Executive Officer effective 1st March 2009.